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'El Mart' (Nut Photo) 'El Mart' is a seedling selection made by Harold Graf from a tree growing in the yard of Willie Meinardus, El Campo, Texas. The original tree grew near a Wal-Mart store, and the name is a combination of "El Campo" and "Wal-Mart". The original tree grew from a 'Mahan' seed planted by Meinardus about 1952. Nut: oblong with obtuse apex and acute base; round in cross section; 41 nuts/lb, 60% kernel; kernels golden, with broad, triangular dorsal ridge, relatively open dorsal grooves, and a prominent basal cleft and ventral groove. Like all 'Mahan' progeny, 'El Mart' is protogynous. Trees are precocious and mature nuts in October.

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