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'Rincon' (Nut Photo) 'Rincon' originated at Archer Pecan Nursery, Rincon NM in 1957 and is reportedly the progeny of a cross between Delmas and Onliwon. Nuts are oblong elliptic and have slightly greater height than width (but would be classified as round in cross section), with 45 to 50 nuts per pound and about 52-56% kernel (due to a thick shell). Nut sutures tend to be prominent (dark) at the base of the nut, and are sometimes weak. Kernels are typically very light in color, have deep dorsal grooves separated by a straight, relatively narrow dorsal ridge, and have no basal cleft. Kernels are wrinkled in surface texture (consistent with Delmas parentage). Trees are protogynous in bloom pattern and slow to bear, but reported to be regular. Nuts mature earlier than Western.

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