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'UE 2-8' (Nut photo) Seedling grown from open pollinated nut of 'Elliott', planted in 1983 by L. J. Grauke and included as an ungrafted seedling control (Block 2, tree 8) in the Rootstock Research Orchard at LSU Pecan Research-Extension Station, Shreveport, LA. The seedling bore nuts first in 1992. Nuts ovate, with obtuse apex and base, round in cross section; 64 nuts per pound, 57.8 % kernel; with wide, shallow dorsal grooves.

LJ Grauke , Research Horticulturist &Curator
USDA-ARS Pecan Genetics
10200 FM 50
Somerville, TX 77879
fax: 979-272-1401

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