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'Cape Fear' (Nut photo a) (Nut photo b) Orig. in Willard, NC, at the Coastal Plain Branch Sta., NC Ag. Exp. Sta. From open-pollinated seed of 'Schley' planted in 1912; reported first in 1937 by Robert Schmidt. Nut: elliptic with obtuse apex and base; shell dark striped; round in cross section; 45 nuts/lb, 54% kernel; kernels cream to golden in color, with wide dorsal grooves, deep secondary dorsal grooves. Protandrous, with early pollen shed and mid- to late- season pistillate receptivity. Very precocious and prolific, with a tendency to overbear with maturity. Ripens late mid-season, about three days after 'Stuart'. Susceptible to fungal leaf scorch complex (caused by Alternaria, Pestolotia and other fungi) which can defoliate trees. Variable in scab susceptibility by location, being moderately resistant in some orchards, very susceptible in others. Recommended (1990) for planting in AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, MS, NC, SC, and TX.

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