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'Chetopa' (KS112) Orig. as native seedling growing at the Kansas Agr. Exp. Field, Chetopa, KS. Discovered by F. Brewster, former land owner and identified as tree #112. After donation of land to Kansas State Univ., the tree was known as KS112. Introd. by Wm. Reid in 1995. Nut: oblong, with acute apex and obtuse base; flattened in cross section; 69 nuts/lb, 54% kernel; narrow dorsal grooves, thick. Protogynous, with late pollen shed and early to mid-season receptivity. Resistant to scab. Moderately precocious, with regular production. Ripens with 'Giles', Oct. 10-14 in Chetopa. Good branch angles.

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