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'Chickasaw' (Nut photo) Orig. by controlled cross ('Brooks' X 'Evers') made by L. D. Romberg, USDA-ARS, Brownwood, TX. Cross made in 1944; scion budded into mature tree first fruited in 1949; tested as 44-4-101 by Romberg and G. D. Madden; released in 1972. Nut: elliptic with obtuse apex and base; flattened in cross section; 55 nuts/lb, 54% kernel; kernels flattened in cross section. Protogynous, with mid-season pollen shed and early pistillate receptivity. Precocious and prolific, with a tendency to alternate bear with maturity. Ripens early mid-season, about 18 days before 'Stuart'. Nutrient deficiencies in N, P, and K associated with heavy production. Resistant to scab in TX, but susceptible in south LA and GA. Recommended (1990) for planting in AR and SC.

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