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'GraKing' Orig. in Hugo, OK. Introd. in 1959 by O. S. Gray Nursery & Landscape, Arlington, TX. Chance seedling grown from Texas seed; original tree shown to Mr. Gray at the residence of Mrs. King in Hugo sometime during the period 1946-49, when the tree was 12 in. diam. and 40 feet tall; Nut: oblong with obtuse apex and base; flattened in cross section; often with weak suture; 35 nuts/lb, 53% kernel; kernels with wide dorsal grooves, deep ventral groove. Protandrous, with mid-season pollen shed and mid- to late-season pistillate receptivity in NM. Ripens early. Recommended (1990) in OK.

LJ Grauke , Research Horticulturist & Curator
USDA-ARS Pecan Genetics
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Somerville, TX 77879

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