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'Harper' Orig. by controlled cross ('Mahan' X 'Western') made by Roy E. Harper, New Mexico Agr. Expt. Sta., Las Cruces, NM. Introd. in 1967. Selected and evaluated by Roy M. Nakayama of above station. Nut: obovate oblong with acute assymetric apex and acute base; flattened in cross section; shell rough, darkly striped; 53 nuts/lb, 61% kernel; kernels golden in color with tight dorsal grooves and deep secondary dorsal grooves. Nut resembles 'Western', but larger, smoother, and longer. Protogynous with flowering period comparable to 'Ideal' and 'Wichita'. Ripens 10 days earlier than 'Western', reducing problems with sticktights at harvest.

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