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'Harris Super' (Schley-Harris) (Nut photo) Orig. as chance seedling in Gunnison, MS discovered in 1952 by Edward Harris. Introd. in 1960. Plant patent 2051, issued Apr 25, 1961, assigned to Simpson Nursery Co., Monticello. FL. Parentage unknown; once thought to be 'Stuart' X 'Schley', but that parentage is inconsistent with isozyme patterns ('Schley' and 'Stuart' are aa for phosphoglucose isomerase, while 'Harris Super' is ab). Nut: oblong with long acute apex and obtuse base; round in cross section; shell heavily specked, prominently ridged; 50 nuts/lb, 53% kernel; kernels with wide dorsal grooves, deep secondary dorsal grooves, wrinkled texture. Protogynous. Precocious and prolific. Some scab resistance in GA, but very susceptible in FL. Not recommended for planting in any state.

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