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'Jackson' (Nut Photo) 'Jackson' is a controlled cross ('Success' X 'Schley') made by Theodore Bechtel, Ocean Springs, Jackson County, Mississippi and released in 1917. It has been called "Thirty three" because it may take as few as 33 nuts to weigh one pound. Nuts are elliptic with obtuse (almost truncate) apex and rounded base, round in cross section with prominent dark markings at apex. There are about 33 to 38 nuts per pound, with 52 to 56 percent kernel. Kernels are typically quite rectangular in shape, golden to light brown in color, with wide dorsal grooves and a wide, triangular dorsal ridge. Kernels often have secondary dorsal grooves and a wide ventral groove but seldom have a basal cleft. Protandrous, with incomplete dichogamy; early to mid season pollen shed and mid to late season receptivity. Trees have some resistance to bunch disease and scab but are susceptible to vein spot (Gnomonia nerviseda Cole).

'Kernodle' has been misidentified as 'Jackson' and may have been erroneously propagated. The two cultivars can be distinguished by isozymes and also by microsatellite profiles.

'Jackson'   Malate dehydrogenase (MDH1): AB Leucine amino peptidase (LAP): BB

'Kernodle' Malate dehydrogenase (MDH1): BB Leucine amino peptidase (LAP): AB


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