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'Jenkins' (Jenkins 1, Alabama Jenkins)(Nut Photo) 'Seedling selection of pecan grown from seed of unknown parentage planted about 1977 by Travis Jenkins, Rena Lara, MS. Tested by Auburn University, Mississippi State University and the University of Georgia. Recommended for trial plantings on the basis of resistance to pecan scab and nut quality. No long term yield data is available. Nut: Ovate, with obtuse, asymmetric apex and rounded base (similar to 'Success'), round in cross section; 55 nuts/lb.; 53% kernel; kernels with medium dorsal ridge and wide, shallow dorsal grooves. Tree: incomplete dichogamy; excellent foliage condition and retention in fall; nuts mature 2-3 days before 'Stuart'. The DNA profile, based on 8 microsatellite loci, is consistent with one of the parents being either 'Success' or 'Desirable' (also a 'Success' projeny), but could not have been 'Elliott' (LJG, 2007).

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