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'John Garner' (Garner) (Nut photo) Orig. as seedling of 'San Saba Improved' growing on the J. W. Terry farm, selected in 1932 by E. E. Risien, San Saba, TX. Introd. in 1934 by Wolfe Nursery, Stephenville, TX. Named after Vice President John Garner, of Uvalde, TX. 'Onliwon' reported as pollen parent, discounted on the basis of isozymes. Nut: elliptic with obtuse assymetric apex and rounded base; shell smooth, with dark suture line at base; laterally compressed in cross section; 52 nuts/lb, 61% kernel; kernels golden in color, with dorsal grooves flared at base, dorsal ridge narrow at apex. Protandrous. Tree vigorous, overbears, often showing severe Zn deficiency in west TX.

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