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'Pabst' Seedling selection from nuts obtained in New Orleans by W. B. Schmidt and planted in 1875 at Ocean Springs, Jackson County, MS. First propagated by C. E. Pabst in 1890, and named in his honor in 1893 by B. M. Young of Morgan City, LA. Nut: Oblong to oblong elliptic, with obtuse apex and obtuse to rounded base; round in cross section; 59 nuts/lb, 47% kernel; kernels golden to light brown, with wide, shallow dorsal grooves, pronounced secondary dorsal grooves, and a prominent basal cleft. Shells are thick, with good sutures that protect nuts after drop, . Protandrous, with mid-season pollen shed and late pistillate receptivity. Very susceptible to scab. Trees are vigorous and attain exceptional height with maturity.

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