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'Peruque' (Nut photo a) (Nut photo b) Orig. as native seedling near Mississippi River, in St. Charles, MO, on property owned by George Hunn and known locally in 1918 as 'Hunn'. Tree first propagated in 1935 by R. Richterkessing, with permission of new owner Wm. Krause who suggested the name 'Peruque'. Introd. in 1953. First commercially propagated by Gerardi Nursery, O'Fallen, IL. Nut: ovate, with obtuse apex and rounded base; laterally compressed in cross section; dark suture line at base; apex slightly furrowed on abaxial and adaxial surfaces; 81 nuts/lb, 59% kernel; kernels golden, with tight dorsal grooves and a deep basal cleft. Protandrous, with early to mid-season pollen shed, and mid-season receptivity. Ripens very early. Good scab resistance. Recommended (1990) for commercial plantings in AR, KS, KY, MO, OK, and TN and for homeowners in all of those states except MO.

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