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'Shepherd' (Nut Photo) 'Shepherd' is a selection made by Jerrell Shepherd from a survey of local trees in Randolph, Chariton County, MO. Selection was based on well filled nut of good shape for Meyers Cracker. Shepherd bought the tree from Vernon Munson in the late 1970's. Not much disease, good tree shape and structure, good consistent producer. Protandrous. Matures nuts first of Oct. Information from Dan Shepherd 5/18/99

'Shepherd' growing at CSV 20-3 grafted with wood obtained from Ken Hunt in 1997.

Nuts are oblong elliptic with acute apex and rounded base, round in cross section with prominent dark markings at apex. There are 65 nuts per pound, with 53 percent kernel. Kernels are golden to light brown in color, with medium dorsal grooves and a narrow dorsal ridge.

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