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'Squirrel's Delight' ('Squirrel') Seedling selection made by E. E. Risien, San Saba, San Saba County, TX. Once thought to be a progeny of 'San Saba', but mdh-1 genotype is inconsistent (aa for San Saba, bb for Squirrel's Delight). Named for squirrel predation that accompanies the cultivar's early nut ripening. Nut: oval elliptic with obtuse apex and obtuse to rounded base; laterally compressed in cross section; 47 nuts/lb, 55% kernel; kernels golden, with deep dorsal grooves, well developed secondary dorsal grooves and a deep ventral groove. Susceptible to scab. Sometimes called 'Squirrel' in OK, where there is still significant acreage. Recommended (1990) for planting in OK.

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