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'Teche' Sent by mistake from R. Frotscher to nurseryman W. Nelson in about 1885, in a shipment of 'Frotscher' wood. Distributed by Nelson along with orders for 'Frotscher'. Originally called several names referring to mixup: 'Fake Frotscher', 'False Frotscher', 'Frotscher #2', 'Spurious Frotscher', 'Duplicate Frotscher'. Named 'Teche' by National Nut Growers to clarify the problem and to note the origin of the tree from Bayou Teche, LA. In 1990, there were still over 1,000 acres of this cultivar in GA. Nut: elliptic to oblong, with acute apex and base; few stripes; 65 nuts/lb, 45% kernel; kernels light brown in color, with very prominent apex and deep basal cleft. Trees have twisted pattern of growth in trunks and major limbs that keep the tree small, compared to 'Frotscher'. Susceptible to scab, vein spot, downy spot, and yellow aphids. Late to mature nuts.

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