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'Texhan' (Nut photo) Open pollinated seedling selection of 'Mahan' made by Nelson H. Hander, Tex-Han Nursery, Belton, Texas. Introduced commercially about 1946. In 1983, Nelson Hander told Tommy Thompson the story of the origin of 'Texhan': When Nelson was young, one of his friends had a nut display case full of pecan nut samples. Nelson liked the idea and sent 25 cents to Monticello Nursery in Florida to buy some 'Mahan' nuts. He received 6 nuts, but only 3 would fit in his display, so he planted the other three. One nut germinated in the middle of a field and survived the second year. Nelson cut the main shoot as a graft stick and grafted it into a tree by the river. His father told him later that this tree had to be removed. Nelson grafted the wood into another tree near Belton that was still standing in 1983. Nuts: 51 nuts per lb, 56 % kernel; oblong elliptic with acute apex and base, round in cross section. Protogynous with early receptivity and mid season pollen shed. Fairly resistant to scab, but susceptible to veinspot.

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