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'Van Deman' Seedling grown from a nut planted in 1836 by Duminie Mire, Union, St. James Parish, LA. The nut was collected from an outstanding tree growing on nearby land owned by Mr. Gravois. Grafted by Emil Bourgeois as 'Duminie Mire' in 1877 at Rapidan Plantation. Bourgeois later sold grafted seedlings. Renamed 'Van Deman' by W. R. Stuart, Ocean Springs, MS, in honor of H. E. Van Deman, USDA pomologist. Sold by H. Post, Fort Worth, TX in 1900 under the name 'Paragon'. In 1990, there were over 1000 acres of 'Van Deman' planted in GA, and about 800 in TX. Nut: oblong with acute apex and obtuse base; flattened in cross section; 67 nuts/lb, 44% kernel; kernels cream to golden in color, with deep, narrow dorsal grooves and a deep basal cleft. Protogynous, with late pollen shed and mid-season pistillate receptivity. Susceptible to scab, vein spot and downy spot.

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