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'Woodroof' (Nut photo) Orig. as chance seedling (progeny of 'A-93') selected by J. W. Daniell, B. B. Brantley, and K. E. Heaton, Univ. of Georgia, Experiment, GA. Reported as F2 progeny of 'A-93', which is supposedly a 'Schley' X 'Moneymaker' cross. However, 'Woodroof' has a c allele for malate dehydrogenase that is not present in any of its putative ancestors. Introd. in 1983. Nut: elliptic, with obtuse, often assymetric apex and obtuse base; flattened in cross section, with prominent suture; 48 nuts/lb, 45% kernel; kernels wrinkled, with wide, flared dorsal grooves and deep secondary dorsal grooves. Protogynous. Resistant to scab.

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