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'Moore' (Nut photo a) (Nut photo b) Seedling selection owned by Miss Annie Wooten of Waukeenah, Jefferson County, FL. Introduced in 1908. Known as 'Bester' in South Africa. Nut: oval elliptic to oblong elliptic with obtuse apex and base; slightly flattened to round in cross section; 67 nuts/lb, 49% kernel; kernels golden to light brown, with tight dorsal grooves and a narrow dorsal ridge. Protandrous, with early pollen and mid-season pistillate receptivity. Precocious, becoming an alternate bearer with maturity. 'Moore' and its sibling 'Waukeenah' have been used as seedstocks by the pecan nursery industry, primarily in the southeastern pecan region of the U.S. 'Moore is the female parent of 'Barton' and of Selection 48-13-311 (the female parent of 'Navaho'). Recommended (1990) for planting in AR.

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