Carya dabishanensis M. C. Liu & Z. J. Li. "Dabie shan shan he tao". Dabie Mountain hickory.

(This description is taken from Grauke, L.J.; Wood, B.W.; Payne, J.A. Genetic resources of Carya in Vietnam and China. Annu. Rpt. N. Nut Growers Assn. 82:80-87. 1991. )

Carya dabishanensis is the most recent addition to the nomenclature of Chinese Carya (Liu and Li, 1984). The collections on which the name is based were made in the Dabie Mountains, Jinzhai county, in western Anhui province. This species differs from C. cathayensis primarily in having larger fruit size (2.8-3.2 cm long X 2.8-3.2 cm diam.). The differences in fruit size between those reported by Liu and Li for C. dabishanensis and those reported above for C. cathayensis are dubious grounds for species distinction. However, attempts are being made to obtain collections of germplasm and voucher specimens for more thorough comparison.

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